Tennant Introduces Family of Compact Floor-Care Products


Minneapolis-based Tennant Co. introduced a platform-based family of compact floor-care machines designed to quickly and effectively clean small, congested spaces. Benefits include ReadySpace Technology that allows clean carpets to be put back into service more quickly; hygenic tanks that can be fully and easily cleaned and sanitized; and Insta-Adjust ergonomic handles that can reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity.

 The R3 Carpet Cleaner With ReadySpace Technology

The small, maneuverable R3 Carpet Cleaner with ReadySpace Technology delivers cleanliness, sanitization and environmental safety to small, congested carpeted spaces in even the most time-sensitive situations. ReadySpace technology eliminates extended dry times so clean carpet can be put back into service more quickly-often in less than 30 minutes. By using 80% less water to clean and leaving up to 90% less water in the carpet, ReadySpace helps reduce mold and bacteria growth to leave carpets cleaner and healthier, and reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents when transitioning from just-cleaned carpet to hard floor surfaces. The R3 Carpet Cleaner offers a 15-in. cleaning path, a 5-gal. solution tank, a 5-gal. recovery tank, and a 50-ft. power cord.

The T1 Cylindrical Scrubber

The corded, low-profile T1 Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber is compact and maneuverable, performing in the tightest of spaces, including kitchens, food courts and bathrooms. It reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents by providing excellent water recovery, which also helps minimize bacterial growth to enhance environmental safety. Bacterial growth is also minimized through easily cleaned and sanitized hygenic tanks. A cylindrical self-propelling brush system and a cylindrical brush head perform on grout, tile, VCT and terrazzo. The Scrubber offers a 15-in. cleaning path, a 3-gal. solution tank, a 4.5-gal. recovery tank, and a 50-ft. power cord.

The E5 Carpet Extractor

The corded, low-profile E5 Carpet Extractor offers powerful deep-cleaning performance even in the most congested and hard-to-reach areas. It includes dual overlapping spray jets, an automatic float-adjust brush to accommodate different carpet piles, and superior vacuum suction to maximize cleaning performance when removing embedded dirt or recurring spots and stains. The E5 Carpet Extractor offers a 15-in. cleaning path, a 5-gal. solution/recovery tank, and a 50-ft. power cord.



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