All the employees at this new Starbucks have one thing in common

BY Marianne Wilson

Starbucks Corp. has opened a new location in Mexico that has a very senior workforce.

The coffee giant’s new outpost in Jalisco, Mexico, is operated exclusively by staffers between the ages of 52 and 66. This is the second Starbucks in Mexico to hire an older staff. The first opened last year in Mexico City.   Starbucks said it aims to hire 120 senior workers in Mexico by the end of 2019.

Diana González, head of HR at Starbucks Mexico, said that creating opportunities through its employment programs is part of Starbucks’ essence.

“We have become the first job experience for 80% of our partners because we believe in them and have designed a personalized career path,” she said. “We believe in senior citizens who seek new work experiences. We are a multi-generation company that embraces diversity and inclusion, and we are thrilled to continue fostering a well-balanced work environment that includes both young partners and senior citizens.”


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