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Report: Some Amazon workers plan Prime Day stoppage

BY Dan Berthiaume

At least one Amazon warehouse may not operate at full capacity for part of the upcoming Prime Day sales event.

According to Bloomberg, employees at an Amazon distribution facility located in Shakopee, Minn., plan to stop working for six hours on Monday, July 15, which is the first official day of the two-day Prime Day sales extravaganza. The work stoppage is expected to take place during the last three hours of the July 15 day shift and first three hours of that day’s night shift.

Some white-collar Amazon employees will reportedly fly to Shakopee to join in the mini-strike, which will also include a public demonstration outside the facility during the afternoon. The event is not expected to affect Amazon’s ability to fulfill Prime Day orders in a timely fashion. Amazon declined to comment.

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N.Alarcon says:
Jul-10-2019 11:13 pm

It is always really regrettable when employees have to protest their place of work. There is always a unspoken expectation to have your job take care of you, help provide and give you a sense of security so it's disheartening to see so many people feel the complete opposite. I think causing disarray during a busy point in time for the business is a good way to get your point across yet I can't help feel bad for the people expecting orders who have nothing to do with this. Maybe that is just the proud amazonian in me.



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