Grocery traffic report: Walmart rules!

If you take it for granted that omnipresent Walmart Supercenters dominate the grocery world, well…you’re right.

Silicon Valley-based, which operates a store traffic data analytics platform, did a quarter-over-quarter comparison of the top 10 supermarket chains and found that, in Q2, Supercenters took in 47.3% of overall U.S. grocery traffic.

Target finished second with 14.8%, Costco was third with 8.2%, and Kroger came fourth with 7.6%.

Emphasizing the supermarkets’ importance as retail center anchors, nine of the 10 chains saw visits increase over Q1, with Walmart once again leading the pack with a 14.1% rise.

Following were Target (+8.5%) and Safeway (+7.2%). The rapidly expanding Aldi was the only banner to see a drop in quarter-to-quarter visits of 2.8%.

H-E-B managed to best Walmart in numbers of visits per customer for the quarter. The grocery mainstay for Texans merited 8.5 visits per customer, followed by Walmart (7.9), Kroger (6.8), and Publix (6.4).