Mall of America plans large-scale Earth Day art display

Mall of America has partnered with local Minnesota artist Christopher Lutter-Gardella for its next art installation, set to be unveiled on Earth Day.

The sculpture will depict a 30-ft. Monarch butterfly surrounded by more than 300 other butterflies, all fashioned out of waste-stream materials like plastic bags, straws, and plastic spoons. Entitled “Kaleidoscope,” it’s the artist’s attempt to bring awareness to the decline of the Monarch and other pollinators.

Lutter-Gardella has invited the public to attend a free butterfly-building workshop so they can contribute to the butterfly flock.

“Hearing Christopher’s approach to how he creates using recyclable materials made this partnership a natural fit,” said Jill Renslow, senior VP of business development at Mall of America. “Mall of America has been committed to sustainability practices since opening in 1992.”

The installation will be located in the North Mall Atrium from Earth Day, April 22 until September 2019.