Where are brick-and-mortar’s best retail experiences?

BY CSA Staff

That’s what we want you to tell us.

Chain Store Age is now accepting nominations for its “Top 10 Retail Center Experiences” feature to be published in the July/August issue. We invite retailers to tell us about the centers that build meaningful traffic for them with compelling experiences, and we invite owner/operators to clue us in to unique customer draws they’ve installed in specific properties.

“Unique is the operative word here,” said CSA real estate editor Al Urbanski. “We want a list of centers doing things no other center in the country is doing. It could be something that runs throughout an entire center, or it could be one incredibly innovative feature.”

In last year’s list, for instance, No. 1 Mall of America was recognized for the entirety of experience, while No. 2 Brickell City Centre was singled out for its architecturally and ecologically unique Climate Ribbon roof.

You can make nominations for this year’s list here. Every retail property — from a necessity-based center to the retail portion of a master-planned community — will be considered. Final selections will be made by a panel of CSA editors.


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M.Sapir says:
May-08-2018 11:17 am

We feel our Snow Heights Promenade should be Featured ( Michael Sapir, CEO, Sapir Real Estate Development.



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