Target embraces smaller-format stores

BY Marianne Wilson

Nearly all Target openings in 2019 are small-format.

That’s according to Novak Construction, which as 2020 nears, is preparing to construct two additional small-format Target locations, in Champaign, Ill., and Mayfair (Chicago). Averaging 17,000 sq. ft. each, the stores  are 15% the size of a traditional Target.

Target now has nearly 100 small-format stores across the country—from college campuses to urban neighborhoods. It plans to open about 30 more annually over the next few years.

From a building standpoint, Novak is now constructing stores for Target with smaller aisles and is installing fewer registers and fewer shelves to accommodate products sold in smaller packages and geared towards customers using public transportation, according to Jim Hempleman, Novak’s project director.

“These ‘Grab and Go‘ stores are generally situated around college campuses or densely populated urban areas where large chunks of real estate are not easy to find,” he said.

Novak has had an ongoing 18-year partnership with Target Corp.  By January 2020, the firm  will have completed more than 125 projects for Target, with the majority being  remodels within prototypical store locations as the customer experience is reformatted and refined.

“We’re testing things on an ongoing basis,” said Kamau Witherspoon, senior VP of operations for Target.


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