Target goes crazy for ice cream

Target Corp. latest partnership is a particularly sweet one — and filled with summer photo-ops.

The discounter, in collaboration with the Museum of Ice Cream. (MOIC), has opened The Pint Shop, in downtown Manhattan. (MOIC is a creator of interactive experiences centered around the frozen dessert.). Opened through August, the pink-accented space is part fun attraction and part retail, with supermarket-styled aisles. To see a video, click here.

In addition to selling MOIC’s newly launched line of ice cream, the store is stocked with a limited selection of other goods, ranging from Swell thermoses to notebooks embossed with cool sayings. Everything is color coordinated to match the colors of the ice-cream cartons.

The attractions include giant installations of ice-cream pints, including one filled with plastic cherries that customers can take a dip in. Each pint is an Instagram-worth moment. In addition to receiving a free sample, visitors can take part in a reservation-only, in-depth tasting experience (for $28 per person) where they can learn all about the making of ice cream as experienced through all the senses.

The Pint Shop is only one part of Target’s collaboration with MOIC. It has also teamed up with the company on Target’s new Art Class line of kids’ apparel and accessories. And MOIC’s new ice cream line will only be available at its own locations and exclusively at most Target stores.