The 10 cities with the most Target stores per capita are…

BY Marianne Wilson

A relatively low population puts Knoxville, Tenn., at the head of a class in a new ranking by Apartment Guide.

Knoxville tops Apartment Guide’s listing of the 10 cities with the highest ratio of Target stores per capita. The Southern town has a population of 187,347 and five Target locations, or one store per 37,469 residents. Number two on the list is Pittsburgh, which has a population of 302,407 and eight Target locations, or one store per 37,801 residents.

The list looks very different, however, when looking at the top cities based on the total number of Target locations. Chicago, with 20 stores, heads the list, followed by Houston, with 15, according to Apartment Guide.

Here is Apartment Guide’s top 10 cities based on stores per capita:

1. Knoxville, Tenn.: Five stores (pop. 187,347):

2. Pittsburgh: Eight stores (pop. 302,407);

3. Allentown, Pa.: Three stores (pop. 121,283);

4. Saint Paul, Minn.: Seven stores (pop. 306, 621);

5. Columbia, S.C.: Three stores (pop. 133,114);

6. Orlando, Fla.: Six stores (pop. 280,257);

7. Fullerton, Calif.: Three stores (pop. 140, 392);

8. Minneapolis: Nine stores (pop. 422,331);

9. McAllen Texas: Three stores (pop. 142,696); and

10. Cincinnati: Six stores (pop. 301,301).

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c.knox says:
Apr-10-2019 04:24 pm

Pittsburgh is grossly inaccurate. That is the population of the city and only 1 target is in the city. The rest are in the burbs and a population of 1.223 million for the county



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