Trending Stores: Comcast rolling out interactive store format

Comcast is making its store fleet more customer centric.

The telecommunications giant is rolling out a new interactive Xfinity concept, with the first locations recently opened in Pueblo, Col.; Aventura, Fla.; Henrico, Va., and Chattanooga, Tenn. The company plans to open more than 50 of the new and enhanced Xfinity stores in high-traffic shopping centers across its service footprint in 2018. Comcast’s ultimate goal is for customers to be within a 15-minute drive of an Xfinity store.

The new Xfinity stores are laid out strategically by product area: Xfinity Mobile, Xfinity X1, Xfinity Home and Xfinity Internet. The home section combines the best of home security and automation into one simple experience – customers can learn how they can control an increasing number of IoT devices from their phone, tablet or Xfinity Home touch-screen. To see a video on the concept, click here.

Customers can visit the store to upgrade or swap equipment, ask questions about their Xfinity service, troubleshoot equipment or pay a bill at an in-store kiosk. In-store appointments can be scheduled online on their local store website.

“We want to bring our customers an incredible shopping experience, which showcases the power and innovation of our Xfinity products and demonstrates how they work together,” said Tom DeVito, SVP, retail sales and service, Comcast Cable. “We have heard from our customers that they want to touch and feel our Xfinity products and understand their capabilities as they make decisions for their own home. Our Xfinity stores are the place to do that.”

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