Aldo creates single view of omnichannel shoppers

BY Deena M. Amato-McCoy

As consumers connect with their favorite brands, they expect a consistent shopping experience.

With the help of, The Aldo Group consolidated shopper data across its enterprise so it can create a singular shopping experience. By adding a cloud-based platform, Aldo gained 360-degree views of each shopper, a move that provides better insight into their preferences and allows the chain to engage with consumers more effectively.

The shoe retailer also added Salesforce’s marketing cloud module to better predict shopper needs, and build one-to-one shopper journeys in real-time, including delivering customized emails and social engagement. Overall, the platform enabled Aldo to reduce the number of emails it sends by 40%, while increasing email revenue by 70% within 12 months.

"Today, the future belongs to the consumer,” said Patrik Frisk, CEO, The Aldo Group. “The challenge for any retailer or brand that wants to sell direct-to-consumer isn't just knowing how to keep up with them, but also understanding where they'll go next.”

This becomes increasingly difficult as 82% of consumers begin their journeys online, and the majority of those consumers end their journeys in a physical store, according to the “2015 Connected Shopper Report” from Salesforce.

This “hub” keeps Aldo connected throughout this journey.

“The solution enables us to take the information we have about the 200 million customers that walk through our stores each year and provide one-to-one journeys — no matter what the media or communication platform,” said Frisk.

This includes the contact center, as The Aldo Group’s customer service agents now have the means to quickly access shopper data, find answers and respond to questions faster. Data also enables them to provide personalized service via phone, chat, email and social media, across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. As a result, the company has seen faster case resolutions, and an overall reduction in average handle time, according to a customer statement.


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