Jumpshot: Amazon, other retailers seeing big sales on Prime Day

Initial Prime Day results indicate that Amazon isn’t the only retailer benefitting from its annual summer mega sale.

Amazon’s first day of Prime Day (July 15) was huge, with approximately 7.6 million purchases compared to 5.3 million on the Monday of the Prime Day event last year, according to Jumpshot. The Monday metric actually exceeded the 2018 Tuesday (the "real" Prime Day) mark of 7.5 million. (Prime Day 2017 kicked off at 9 p.m. ET on Monday, July 10, and ended at 3 a.m. ET on Wednesday, July 12.)

Among 25 leading retailers Gap, Nike, BestBuy, and Macy's saw the biggest jump in e-commerce transactions from what they see on a typical summer Monday, Jumpshot reported.

In other findings from Jumpshot:

• and both saw nearly 150% increases in sales from their Monday average, an even higher rate of increase than Amazon itself, which saw a boost of 70% above their average.

• On average among sites not named, transactions were 22% higher.

• Some sites saw declines —,,,, and all saw modest dips in buying.

• eBay, which generated a lot of press for a trolling "crash sale" registered only a mild bump, just 5% above average. Monday (the first day of Prime Day) was not even its strongest day of the summer.