Prime Day recap from Nielsen

BY Marianne Wilson

As the industry puts a bow on Prime Day 2019, here is a look at what rose to the top from Justin Belgiano, senior VP consumer data practice, Nielsen.

• Health and beauty, omnichannel and yes, Amazon, emerged as the big winners.

• Amazon succeeded with its fashion, furniture, and grocery offerings — with private-label skincare line Belei proving to be popular with consumers.

• The omnichannel beauty surge had its staying power based on strong celebrity partnerships, and reflect Prime Day’s status as a day for consumers to treat themselves.

• Other retailers rode the wave of Amazon’s two-day bonanza to drive sales — including Walmart’s the Big Save.

• Other big winners include connected products (WiFi-enabled plugs), innovative oral hygiene products (water flossers) and grocery. (The challenge remains for Amazon and other retailers to sustain e-commerce grocery during the other 363 days of the year.)

• Overall, Prime Day 2019 enabled consumers to try something new and served as a playground for brand cheaters. This is no surprise, given that consumers are more disloyal today than ever before.

Nielsen also posted a narrative with its broader assessment of Prime Day.


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