Rebecca Minkoff puts virtual mirror into shoppers hands

BY Deena M. Amato-McCoy

Mirror, mirror in her hand, is Rebecca Minkoff one of the most innovative retailers in the land?

The specialty retailer is inching closer to this title as it brings its store-level smart mirror experience into its shoppers hands through a new app. Specifically, the app from Zeekit allows consumers to virtually “try on” fashions before buying online or trying them on in-store.

After uploading a full-body picture into the app, shoppers tap a product they see online, in print or in store, and it is displayed on their actual body image. The item can be mixed and matched with fashions in their virtual closet; shared with friends, or purchased through a link in the app.

"At Rebecca Minkoff, the integration of technology and style is paramount,” said Uri Minkoff, the chain’s CEO and co-founder. “Technology that enables the consumer to virtually try on a garment and give her the chance to access the feel of our product with immediacy is technology made for the Rebecca Minkoff girl.”

Launched during New York Fashion Week, consumers viewing runway styles either on-site at the Rebecca Minkoff show, online at the Rebecca Minkoff website, or through the Zeekit app were able to tap the product, virtually try it on, share it with friends and purchase it, a company statement reported.


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M.Wittenstein says:
Sep-23-2016 08:41 pm

Last year, I wrote about RM's 'magic mirror' (, but I never thought it would leave the store. I thought that big, cool, virtual mirror was going to remain as a destination experience for the brand. I was wrong. RM has raised the bar on itself. Sure, others can add their own version of the morror tech, but RM's in-store operations and fulfillment have had time to season. They're probably ahead of others and that's why the RM experience is nearly impossible to replicate. Turning a well-implemented, in-store technology into an app destined to become a brand ambassador is a very smart move.



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