Survey: Voice-assisted shopping appeals to certain consumers

BY Dan Berthiaume

Retailers selling products via voice assistants should target users of one particular operating system.

According to results of “The Current State and Future of Voice-Assisted Shopping,” a survey of 1,046 adult U.S. consumers from digital commerce consulting firm Sumo Heavy Industries, 68% of iOS device owners have used a voice assistant, compared to just 45% of Android iOS owners.

Survey data also indicates that consumers tend to use voice assistants seldom or never, or use them frequently. A combined 65% of respondents never (46%) or rarely (19%) use voice assistants. However, another 29% use voice assistants daily (16%) or weekly (13%). Only 6% use voice assistants on a monthly basis.

iOS device owners are also 50% more likely than Android device owners to be daily users of voice assistants (21% vs. 14%).

Looking at what type of device respondents prefer to use for interacting with voice assistant software, almost half (49%) selected smartphones. Options such as smart speakers (18%) and desktop/laptop (15%) distantly trailed. While only about one in five consumers prefers smart speakers, voice-assisted retailers may want to target them – one in three smart speaker owners say they use their voice assistants daily, and more than half (55%) use them at least once a week.

iPhone users are also much more likely to own a smart speaker than Android users. 55% of respondents that own a smart speaker are iPhone owners compared to 28% that are Android users.

Voice assistant technology is still a relatively new, niche market, so it’s not surprising that only 17% of respondents say they have browsed or shopped products using a voice-activated assistant. But diving deeper, the data reveals that 42% of consumers who regularly (weekly or daily) use voice assistants have shopped using the medium.


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