Target pairs associates with digital experts in ‘innovation sprint’

BY Marianne Wilson

Target Corp. has kicked off a partnership with BCG Digital Ventures to conduct a 14-week “innovation sprint.” For the project, BCG's experts (including designers, engineers and investors) are working side-by-side with five Target associates to develop new growth concepts and ideas. (The associates are middle managers from across Target's various divisions, reported the Star Tribune.)

In a blog on its website, Target said the goal of the project was to tap its team’s skills and experience "to explore new and compelling business cases that are natural extensions of our brand and expertise, and support Target’s strategic priorities."

The Target associates are working out of Digital Ventures' centers in New York and Los Angeles. Currently, they have been split into groups doing customer behavior research in six cities. Each group has a mix of Target and Digital Ventures team members, ranging from ethnographers to venture capital investors, product managers to designers, engineers to growth specialists, and more, the retailer said.

New products and businesses that come out of the project will be designed to address the needs of Target’s shoppers now and well into the future, the company said.

"This is a unique partnership with tremendous potential — and we’re excited about the passion, inventiveness and entrepreneurial commitment being brought to bear from Target and Digital Ventures,” said Anthony Koithra, partner, BCG Digital Ventures.


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