85% of Americans want to go back to the office post-pandemic

A new survey provides a glimpse of what workplace populations will be like post-pandemic
Al Urbanski
Real Estate Editor & Manager
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Pandemic Zoom meetings and text messaging have not lured American workers away from their offices.

While the Delta variant has delayed workers returning to offices in some cities and left retailers wondering where to shut down and where to expand, a new survey provides a glimpse of what workplace populations will be like post-pandemic.

An Eden Workplace Software-sponsored survey of 1,000 full- and part-time office workers conducted by Wakefield Research found 62% of them desiring hybrid workplace situations once the effects COVID-19 are gone. Twenty-three percent are diehard office workers who intend to be back at their desks five days a week, while 15% want to work remotely on a permanent basis.

That means that 85% of employees want to be in the office in some capacity, precisely in line with a similar survey sponsored by Eden in February that also showed 85% of workers wanting to remain connected to offices in some manner.

“The data shows a couple things conclusively: a healthy majority of people are enjoying their return to the office, and that the future is hybrid,” said Eden Workplace CEO Joe Du Bey, CEO and co-founder of Eden Workplace. “That said, only a minority of people gave their employers an ‘A’ for their return-to-office execution. For one, a majority of office workers want their employers to protect them by making vaccinations mandatory, yet only a minority of companies have done so.”

Just 37% of those surveyed gave their employers an ‘A’ for how they’ve managed resuming in-person work, according to the new survey. Forty-four percent said their companies have instituted vaccine requirements, and 78% of those respondents said they are happy to be back in the office at least part-time.