Report: Toys ‘R’ Us execs are exiting early—with bonuses

BY CSA Staff

A number of Toys “R” Us execs seem to be abandoning ship early.

The bankrupt retailer may still be in the process of liquidating its U.S. operations, however chief executive David Brandon and many of his top executives are expected to leave the company — with bonuses in hand — on Monday, May 14, according to The New York Post.

As the executives depart, thousands of hourly workers will be left to complete liquidation sales at hundreds of stores across the country. The last sales are expected to end in July.

The company’s spokeswoman Amy Von Walter said in the report, that Brandon and at least eight other senior executives, including CFO Michael Short, general counsel James Young and controller Charles Knight are leaving. They are among 1,159 employees who have either already left, or will soon leave the Wayne, N.J.-based headquarters.

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I.Shuldman says:
May-14-2018 09:29 am

Just amazing that management and middle management get bonuses for not achieving the success of growth. Many lose their jobs and the execs take the limo home on the last day of the company's exist. WRONG! Do not Achieve you lose !!!



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