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VIDEO: Why Von Maur’s COO says Kiva had to happen first for them

When upscale retailer Von Maur launched its eCommerce channel the response was tremendous and the growth was exponential. Hear from Von Maur’s COO on “why Kiva had to happen first” for them to continue to grow and exceed customer expectations.

VIDEO: Crate & Barrel: Why Speed to Deploy Matters
Crate and Barrel was able to exceed customer expectations during peak season by rolling out their Kiva Systems solution in 6 months, opposed to more traditional automation that would have taken 12 – 18 months to implement.

VIDEO: The record fast GO Live at Acumen Brands
eCom startup Acumen Brands chronicled their rapid 90 day install of a Kiva System, narrated by CEO John James.

White Paper: Tuning Up Your Distribution Center for Omni-Channel Growth
Is your fulfillment center as ready as your digital site for OmniChannel Growth? Today’s retailers know how important multi-channel growth is to retain tech savvy shoppers. But, how does this rapid movement towards Omni-channel commerce impact the distribution and fulfillment side of the equation?

White Paper: Fulfillment 2.0: Tackling the Seven Critical Fulfillment Challenges of eCommerce
Internet technology continues to evolve at such relentless speed that we all now carry a complete shopping mall in the mobile phones in our pockets. What is now referred to as Web 2.0 has propelled online shopping at 18% annual growth to about $200B a year in North America, with similar numbers overseas. What’s needed to keep that growth going is a way to fulfill all those orders as fast and inexpensively as the web itself. What’s needed is Fulfillment 2.0.

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