Lids gets inside customer heads

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A specialty headwear retailer is taking a deep dive into its customer metrics.

Lids is leveraging the Customer Data Platform (CDP) from AgilOne to obtain a detailed understanding of its shoppers. The retailer obtains important business metrics as soon as customer data is ingested into the CDP. 

For example, geolocation-based campaigns allow Lids marketers to run email, direct mail and SMS campaigns to drive traffic to customers’ closest physical locations. Abandoned cart campaigns trigger email and targeted ad campaigns when a customer abandons a cart or browsing session.

Other CDP use cases include lookalike modeling for Facebook campaigns, one-to-one personalized recommendations based on customer demographic data, machine learning modeling to identify customers most likely to engage with a campaign, and cleansing and deduping of Lids’ customer database.

“AgilOne’s implementation team is a pleasure to work with. They made sure our go-live was quick, clear, and straightforward, and we were able to start getting value from the platform from the moment the first feeds were set up,” said Wendy Mudis, VP of marketing, Lids Sports Group.

Specialty women’s apparel and accessories retailer Francesca’s Holdings Corp. also utilizes the AgilOne CDP to obtain a better understanding of its shoppers. Francesca’s can now obtain a single view of each customer that combines all data collected from every touchpoint. The retailer is is also able to analyze omnichannel customer data at a macro level to determine factors like differences in average lifetime value among customers acquired via different product categories.