Lily AI migrates to Microsoft

Lily AI
Lily AI helps personalize customer interactions.

An artificial intelligence (AI)-based customer intent platform is now hosted on Microsoft Azure. 

The Lily AI product suite is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, as well as through Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions. In addition, Lily Ai software has been made co-sell ready.

Lily AI injects robust product attribute data and unique customer intent into the entire e-commerce stack. The software is designed to improve on-site search; as well as personalize product discovery, recommendations and demand prediction, to help retailers grow their revenues.

The company’s platform turns qualitative product attributes into a universal mathematical language at a high volume with the highest accuracy. By using AI-powered image recognition to extract product attributes, Lily allows retailers to configure 10x more attributes for each product - from fit to style, from embellishments to occasion, and much more. 

The software is one of the only platforms that combines rich product attribute data & customer intent in the e-commerce stack at scale. Lily AI is designed to help retailers and brands drive increased conversion, larger order sizes, enhanced demand forecasting, and higher levels of customer loyalty.

The Lily AI customer intent platform has built its next-generation AI image recognition capability using core Azure services, including Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Queues, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Cache for Redis, and Azure Blob Storage.

“Lily AI’s collaboration with Microsoft has been critical in reaching retail and e-commerce enterprise customers who can benefit from our solution. In the last year alone, we have seen a 350% increase in annual recurring revenue.”, said Pete Lee, senior VP of sales and partnerships at Lily AI. “We look forward to further developing our product within Microsoft’s ecosystem, and expanding our global presence by leveraging the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.”

“We’re happy to welcome Lily AI and its customer intent platform to Microsoft Azure and to Microsoft AppSource, which provides our partners with great exposure to cloud customers around the globe,” said Keith Mercier, GM, worldwide retail and consumer goods industry at Microsoft. “Microsoft AppSource offers customers solutions such as the product attribute data and unique consumer intent from Lily AI that helps retail e-commerce brands grow their revenues and boost customer engagement and loyalty.”