CertainStore rolls out customer data security solution

BY Dan Berthiaume

Colorado Springs, Colo. – Secure data vault provider CertainStore is rolling out of a cybersecurity solution utilizing its proprietary micro-encryption/micro-tokenization technology to prevent the re-occurrence of recent malicious attacks on customer data.

CertainStore utilizes a multi-layered defense that makes hacking data on a mass level mathematically improbable. Sensitive data elements are removed from original location and replaced with a MicroToken. Data elements are micro-encrypted utilizing customer-specific encryption algorithms. Micro-encrypted data is scattered throughout dozens of servers, becoming unavailable to any form of unauthorized access, essentially turning the data invisible. Perimeter defenses create seven or more levels of disruptive force to stop unauthorized access while all the above is occurring.

CertainStore is PCI Level 1 DSS Certified, HIPAA compliant, PCI, PFI, PHI and PII compliant.

"During my tenure where I led Congressional intelligence activities I understood that data security could be a matter of life and death," said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, advisory board member of TransCertain, parent company of CertainStore. "Unfortunately, the reality of the ‘big data’ age in which we live is that more frequent attacks on private and public sector data will be the norm. They can and will have devastating consequences. CertainStore will change the way data is stored well into the future. It provides unprecedented levels of protection to ensure the security of sensitive data."


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