DSW develops, adopts suite of enterprise applications

BY Deena M. Amato-McCoy

The ability to scale solutions as a means of meeting customer expectations is the name of the game in omnichannel success.

By adding a new cloud-based retail suite, DSW is modernizing its back-office applications, and adding a new level of flexibility, security and innovation required in an always-evolving omnichannel landscape.

Eager for a digital transformation of its enterprise functionality, DSW partnered with Infor to co-develop a modern suite of enterprise applications. Delivered in the cloud and designed for today's digital retailing landscape, the new suite is free of the constraints often associated with decades-old software.

"Meeting customer expectations for a seamless shopping experience is paramount for success," said Ashlee Aldridge, DSW’s CIO. "To be the footwear retailer of choice, we need cloud-based, mobile-friendly software that is built to transcend technological advances, and flexible enough to scale when the market demands it."

The first step in this process was to seamlessly implement the software. Armed with the Infor CloudSuite, delivered on Amazon Web Services (AWS), DSW can take advantage of security features; make upgrades with minimal downtime, and access super-computing on a massive scale to transform data analysis and decision-making.

The second phase of the project included merging development teams from DSW and Infor to develop a new application that will help power the DSW shopping experience, and contribute to the cloud-based suite. By co-developing this converged commerce application, DSW can better serve its customers, and empower them to control their shopping experience, according to a company statement.


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R.Amster says:
Sep-13-2016 03:57 pm

It's refreshing to see that some CIOs recognize the advantages of implementing applications that run in the cloud over on-premise. There are still many who are not convinced or are totally against it. Communications networks that support these applications are no less reliable than than the back-up generator that most companies have in their data centers. Data security is probably better with the outsourcers than in one's own facility, and on, and on.



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