Northgate Market checks employees’ health — via its time clocks

Marianne Wilson
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Northgate Market is using its time clocks to make sure its employees and vendors are in compliance with COVID-19 health and safety policies. 

The Southern California grocer has deployed a thermal temperature reading and health scanning solution that is integrated in the time clocks across its 41 supermarkets and distribution center. The solution, Logile’s Health & Temperature Scanner, clears employees to work their scheduled shifts.

“Prior to utilizing Logile’s HT scanning time clocks, we were spending labor hours to manually screen our associates,” said Larry Keehne, director of support services at Northgate. “The integrated HT scanning time clock solution has eliminated the manual screening cost and has been widely praised by our associates for its privacy and simplicity. Post pandemic, we believe the solution will continue to play a role in implementing our health and safety protocols for employees during flu season as well as throughout the year.”

The solution clocks with Logile’s time and attendance solution, which Northgate has been using for several years. The grocer asked Logile for help in reducing health and safety compliance costs related to COVID screening protocols. The supplier partnered with its time clock manufacturer to integrate a thermal temperature reader and facial recognition with their clock software.

“They turned around a solution very quickly, and both managers and associates have been very pleased with the results,” said Tom Herman, chief strategy officer at Northgate.

The health temperature scanner combines commercial-grade hardware with a customizable workflow engine. It provides touch-free health and temperature scanning boasting 99.7 percent accuracy, multiple identification options, health and risk attestation questions, and more, according to Logile.