Study: Retailers lacking in store associates, price and checkout experience

BY Katherine Boccaccio

Ann Arbor, Mich. — Retailers’ strides toward satisfying their customers was the subject of a survey conducted by CFI Group, which found that retailers’ physical store and online presence were meeting consumer expectations, but store associates, price and checkout are areas needing improvement.

The study utilized the American Customer Satisfaction Index methodology to measure six elements of the customer experience, including physical store, associates, merchandise, price, checkout and online presence. All six elements were scored as drivers of customer satisfaction, ranging from zero to 100.

The research found that consumers had the highest rating of satisfaction with the condition and cleanliness of traditional department stores and mall-based specialty stores, with scores of 87 and 85 respectively, over large-format value stores, which scored 81.

"Understanding what drives customers back to the store is critical to a retailer’s business performance," said Sheri Petras, CEO of CFI Group. "This study provides retailers with an understanding into how to improve their customer satisfaction within the segment they serve and their brand communities."


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P.Siegel says:
Sep-06-2013 12:58 pm

It seems all retailers, since the beginning of time, refuse to realize that customers HATE TO STAND IN LINE.



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