Paris Baguette in deal with CBRE for major expansion

Marianne Wilson
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Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is looking to expand its footprint in a big way.

The French-inspired bakery-café has retained CBRE as its exclusive agent to create and execute an expansion program throughout the United States and Canada. Paris Baguette is looking to open 30 locations in 20 key markets throughout 2021, with a goal to grow to 1,000 new locations during the next 10 years.

Paris Baguette currently operates more than 4,000 locations worldwide.  The company and CBRE are targeting high-profile locations with approximately 2,000 to 3,200 sq. ft. of prime retail space, with a minimum 30-feet of frontage.

“We will apply our expertise and vast market knowledge to assist Paris Baguette in its efforts to expand its presence and enhance its position as one of the most recognizable bakery and café shops in the market,” said CVRE’s Joseph AmecAngelo, who will serve as the master broker and oversee the targeted leasing campaign on behalf of Paris Baguette. “CBRE will work closely with the Paris Baquette real estate team to strategically grow the company’s store base in highly defined and targeted areas in all major U.S. and Canadian cities.”

AmecAngelo has already completed flagship leases for Paris Baguette in Florida and Toronto. CBRE is also poised to complete 30 new leases in several other locations in Canada and the United States.

Additionally, Paris Baquette will be working with CBRE’s Kelly Evans, Ryan Noble and Brad Sanders on technology and management.