SafetyCulture invests in IoT solutions provider

Angus Kennard and Craig Kesby, Inauro cofounders.

SafetyCulture is taking part in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technology space.

The global workplace operations company has invested USD $2.1 million into data and IoT software company Inauro. This investment continues SafetyCulture’s involvement with technology start-ups which enhance frontline processes.

Launched in 2020 by co-founders Craig Kesby and Angus Kennard, Inauro was created to apply IoT technology across industrial applications and improve everyday operations. IoT devices produce a vast amount of data but are typically siloed depending on their function.

By linking data from sensors, devices and other digital systems used within an organization, Inauro aims to provide a single source of data, with the goals of streamlining workflows and enabling faster decision making. Offering its flagship Perspio platform, Inauro’s customer base spans the agriculture, manufacturing and construction industries.

“Today, SafetyCulture collects data from 800 million workplace checks a year, a lot of which are conducted manually,” said SafetyCulture CEO and founder Luke Anear. “Inauro will help us to automate many of the equipment checks for our customers. We’re constantly pushing to find new ways to innovate and automate processes so tasks can be done to higher standards, jobs become safer and teams can concentrate on the most meaningful work. Inauro will be a key partner as we continue to raise the bar for frontline teams, but SafetyCulture customers will also reap the benefits of taking their digitization efforts to the next level.”

“The IoT market is thriving globally, but most IoT solutions are built to solve a specific problem which creates data silos across organizations. We want to solve this challenge and enable businesses to make the most of their IoT technology. At its most simple, we want to make sure the right information is available to the right person in real-time. At its most simple, we want to make sure the right information is available to the right person in real-time. That’s when we’ll unlock streamlined operations and create efficiencies,” said Inauro co-founder and co-CEO Craig Kesby. “We’re looking forward to developing new functionality for our customers, including identifying more workflows where Inauro and SafetyCulture’s solutions can integrate to improve workplace operations.”