Starbucks aims to have 30% of corporate workforce identify as a minority by 2025

Marianne Wilson
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Starbucks Corp. has made a commitment to diversify the makeup of its workforce.

The coffee giant is aiming to have employees who identify as Black, Indigenous or people of color make up at least 30% of employees at all corporate levels and at least 40% of all retail and manufacturing roles by 2025. Starbucks said it plans to set and track annual inclusion and diversity goals. It also is connecting the inclusivity and diversity of its teams to executive compensation, effective immediately.

“We know that a more inclusive environment will create a flywheel that leads to greater diversity, and thereby greater equity and opportunity for all,” CEO Kevin Johnson said in a letter to employees. “Greater diversity enables us to better fulfill our mission.”

In addition, Starbucks is starting a mentorship program connecting workers who are Black, Indigenous or people of color with senior leaders. It also is enhancing its tools for tracking internal talent advancement. 

 Starbucks will offer inclusion and diversity learning modules and embed anti-bias content into its hiring, development and performance assessment toolkits. The company plans to establish an executive council to help integrate inclusion and diversity throughout the company and will join the Board Diversity Action Alliance,

On the local level, Starbucks said it will grow its community partnerships for hiring, training and supervising outreach workers who will support its stores “by engaging with individuals in crisis with the goal of reducing strain on law enforcement agencies.”

In addition, the Starbucks Foundation will provide $1.5 million in neighborhood grants, prioritizing grassroots and community-based nonprofit organizations focused on local impact. The Foundation will also invest $5 million to launch a two-year initiative focused on supporting nonprofits that serve young people who are Black, Indigenous or of color.

“We have a responsibility to build bridges and create environments where all are welcome,” Johnson stated. “Our journey continues as we are guided by intentionality, transparency and accountability.”