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Check out the Wired store

BY Marianne Wilson

Wired pops-up for the holidays — but a permanent store is in the works.

The technology and culture print and online magazine has opened a holiday pop-up at Brookfield Place, in Lower Manhattan. Sponsored by Verizon, the store showcases hot tech products curated by Wired’s editorial staff, with an emphasis on the technology that touches daily lives, from cooking to safety.

Creative production agency N/A Collective partnered with Wired on the design and the execution of the 2,600-sq.-ft. temporary space, which is designed as an open, 360-degree immersive shopping experience and aims to evoke the feeling of shopping in a modern yet luxurious home. The design details include contemporary architectural motifs with earth-based materials, recessed warm lighting and a custom geometric-inspired structure.

This is the 15th edition of Wired’s holiday pop-up. The company is on track to open a permanent store, at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J., in spring.


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