Clarks steps up online personalization

BY Dan Berthiaume

Global vertical footwear retailer Clarks is identifying high-value online customers for targeted email promotions.

Clarks is leveraging a cloud-based online visitor recognition platform from BounceX to improve its rate of identifying site traffic. The BounceX solution enables Clarks to identify individual site visitors by recognizing their devices and then match them to a database of 100 million anonymized emails.

When an online visitor identified by Clarks as a member of their CRM database abandons the site without making a purchase, the retailer automatically sends them a targeted promotional email. Since launching the BounceX platform, Clarks has boosted its identification rate to 32% of traffic and increased site traffic resulting from abandonment emails by 13 times.

The increased scale drove 5.5 times more revenue from triggered email, or 5% of Clarks’ topline digital revenue, exceeding the retailer’s return on advertising spend (ROAS) target by 248%. Today, the site abandonment email program represents 11.34% of Clarks’ total digital revenue.

“I’m skeptical whenever a vendor promises double-digit growth, but BounceX has delivered on that for our email channel and more,” said Rick Almeida, VP of e-commerce and digital at Clarks. “They’ve exceeded our expectations in terms of both the initial and ongoing opportunities that this channel now delivers for us.”


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