Footwear brand steps up e-commerce efficiency

Easy Spirit creates clear path between back- and front-end e-commerce operations.

Following its purchase of women’s footwear brand Easy Spirit, fashion conglomerate Marc Fisher Footwear determined the company’s e-commerce infrastructure needed upgrading. On the back end, bottlenecks in the order process created significant delays in products entering the supply chain to become available to the webstore.

On the front end, the customer service team suffered delays before they could access orders and help customers. In addition, the checkout flow was too long, affecting conversion.

Marc Fisher Footwear wanted to migrate Easy Spirit, together with its other shoe brands, to one platform, to operate from a single admin, and have greater visibility and insights into customer data. The new parent company also wanted to move Easy Spirit’s webstore from its existing cloud-based e-commerce platform to Magento Commerce Cloud.

Marc Fisher determined it could replicate every feature of its existing e-commerce platform using Adobe Magento, while saving money on agency development, in-house staff, and license fees. Working with Adobe implementation partner mediaspa, the company was able to fix Easy Spirit’s slow supply chain problems. Now, products in the supply chain are made available to the website 30 days faster than was previously possible.

In addition, Easy Spirit implemented a one-page checkout, delivering a quick checkout flow to increase conversion rate. Furthermore, the previously installed e-commerce platform required an eight-hour delay before the customer service team could gain access to an order and help a customer. Now, that connection is made in real time.

Since its launch of Magento, Easy Spirit has also seen a 10% increase in conversion rate and 50% decrease in total cost of ownership.