New Amazon program delivers rewards in a moment

BY Dan Berthiaume

Amazon is making it easier for retailers and other brands to build and deliver customer loyalty campaigns.

The online giant is unveiling Amazon Moments, a cross-platform marketing tool that scales customer engagement for brands. The solution enables retailers and other online providers of goods and services to automatically deliver physical and digital items to customers when they reach preset actions in consumer apps and websites. Marketers can select tailored rewards from an assortment of millions of physical and digital products across Amazon’s categories.

Amazon Moments is available in over 100 countries across platforms including iOS, Android, FireOS, and Web. Marketers can pick a “moment” (such as a customer reaching a certain spending threshold), choose a reward, and inform customers of the action they need to take to earn the reward via a dialog message. When a customer completes the action, they receive a reward URL via digital message or email they can then use to redeem their prize with Amazon, who delivers the reward.

Developers use a lightweight API to integrate and test Moments campaigns. Moments also provides marketers with a self-serve console for setting up and managing campaigns. Brands can establish their own cost per action (CPA) pricing, paying only when a customer completes an action.

The Moments home page cites a diverse group of users including The Washington Post (owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos), mobile video app TikTok, Sony Crackle streaming service, Bravo cable network, Sesame Workshop production company, and video game developer FunPlus.

Amazon is not currently reporting any hard data from Moments users. However, according to Amazon, Moments has helped a gaming developer increase its percentage of first-time paying customers by 20x and a streaming video service double its likelihood of winning back a subscriber with $10 worth of physical rewards.


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