RILA’s Retail CEO Forum honors ‘game-changing’ tech start-ups

BY Marianne Wilson

And the winners are….

The Retail Industry Leaders Association has announced the winners of its first-ever (R)Tech Retail CEO Innovation Awards. The winners — IamBot, Multifold Retail, and Persado — were chosen by RILA’s board of directors, the CEOs and heads of innovation for some of America’s largest retail brands. The company were showcased at RILA’s Retail CEO Forum this week in Tucson.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to have CEOs and chief innovation officers from America’s most well-known brands interacting directly with emerging companies that, through their own commitment to innovation, are enabling the future of our industry,” said RILA senior VP of research, innovation, and sustainability Adam Siegel. “We’re excited to recognize these three companies, who have embraced the charge from our consumers to deliver ubiquitous and ultra-personal shopping experiences and in turn, have developed game-changing technologies.”

RILA’s (R)Tech Center believes that one trend is driving change in the industry more than any other: the trend toward ubiquitous and ultra-personal shopping. The winners were hand-picked by America’s leading chief executives for their groundbreaking work in promoting the industry’s move tow move towards shopping wherever, whenever through artificial intelligence and augmented reality, according to RILA.

Here is a brief overview on the winning companies:

IamBot helps brands and retailers sell directly to customers through messaging platforms. It is a comprehensive conversational commerce solution based on the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. It seamlessly integrates with stores’ messaging channels to provide customers with the ubiquitous and super convenient shopping experience.

Multifold Retail believes that augmented reality will change the way that consumers shop. It offers all the tools retailers need: content creation (3D model creator, editor & library), viewers (augmented reality & 360 degrees), marketing and advertising tools (social media, catalog, in-store/OOH campaigns) and tracking/analytics.

Persado is the marketing language cloud — AI generated language that resonates the most with any audience, segment or individual. Comprised of the world’s largest database, with over a million words and phrases tagged and scored for consumer marketing, Persado’s marketing language cloud enables brands to increase acquisition and retention while building long term consumer relationships.


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