Survey: How do consumers want to be recognized by retailers?

BY Dan Berthiaume

Consumers want retailers to track them, but not necessarily in the way retailers expect.

According to “Utilizing Communication Channels in Retail,” a survey of 5,000 consumers ages 15-54 from retail technology provider Fluent Commerce, 58% do not think it is helpful for retailers to track their location. However, 85% of respondents want retailers to recognize and pick up on their shopping habits to send them relevant incentives and coupons. Another 71% would be enticed to shop in-store if retailers recognized they were browsing online and sent them coupons to a nearby location.

Even among the 58% of respondents who specifically do not want their location tracked, 79% want their shopping habits tracked and recognized, followed up with relevant coupons. Sixty-four percent would visit a nearby store if retailers emailed them in-store-only coupons while they were browsing online.

Specifically analyzing the results of Gen Z consumers, the survey found 41% do not open retailer emails, but instead want them to communicate via social channels such as Instagram and Twitter. Out of all generations (Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X), Gen Z are most likely to open a personalized retailer email. Eighty-four percent of Gen Z consumers would like retailers to message them each month to purchase a certain product after recognizing they consistently buy it.

Other notable findings include:

• A plurality of consumers (35%) check their email three times a day.
• 82% of consumers prefer retailers to communicate via email, rather than text or social media.
• 42% of consumers only open 10% of retailer emails they receive.


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