Target going national with loyalty program — no credit card or fees required

BY Marianne Wilson

Target Corp. is rolling out a new loyalty program just in time for the holidays.

The discounter said it will debut the program, called Target Circle, on Oct.6 nationwide after a successful test in six pilot markets. The program, which has no membership fee and does not require a Target credit card, will provide shoppers with personalized deals, including a 5% birthday savings reward, and 1% savings on every purchase (to redeem at Target later). Members will also be given early access to special sales and the opportunity to choose which local nonprofits Target should donate toward.

Target Circle launched as a pilot in spring 2018 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It later expanded to Indianapolis; Phoenix; Denver; Charlotte, North Carolina; Kansas City, Missouri; and Kansas City, Kansas. Over the last 18 months, more than 2 million guests have enrolled in Target Circle, completing more than 14 million transactions, the company said.

“We worked directly with guests to develop Target Circle, and the program includes the benefits and perks that they told us were most important to them, from earning on every Target trip to having the opportunity to help Target make a positive impact within their local communities,” said Rick Gomez, executive VP and chief marketing and digital officer, Target.

In line with the rollout, Target’s existing savings program, Cartwheel, will be integrated into the new program, with the deals rebranded as “Target Circle offers.” In other changes, Target’s RedCard credit card if getting a new look, with new card designs and fresh marketing.


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D.Barnes says:
Sep-10-2019 12:02 pm

I used to visit Target and use my RedCard, but now buy everything online from Walmart. Better selection.



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