RaceTrac sets course for allocation efficiency

BY Dan Berthiaume

C-store retailer RaceTrac hopes to drive sales with optimized category management.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based chain is deploying the JDA Category Management portfolio across all its 500-plus stores. The rollout includes JDA Space Planning, JDA Floor Planning, JDA Category Knowledge Base and JDA Space Automation Pro.

Since rolling out the new system to its stores, RaceTrac reports efficiency gains resulting from increased inventory control and deeper view of what inventory stores are expected to have. With that information, RaceTrac can create more accurate planograms and conduct merchandise and space analytics at a granular level.

This, in turn, enables RaceTrac to allocate merchandise based on replenishment needs and right-size store inventory levels, boosting store profitability. Furthermore, individual stores can collaborate more closely with suppliers in creating planograms and floor plans, which leads to more efficient planograms.

“We revamped our entire retail merchandising strategy to create more successful and effective planograms and track and manage inventory more accurately,” said Kent Bailey, senior space manager at RaceTrac. “We worked very closely with JDA to upgrade to the latest version of the software and it is now a fully-integrated category management solution. Now, we can ensure that we are delivering the most effective shelf and floor plans that will help us meet the needs of our on-the-go guests.”

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With limited product assortments and customers in a hurry, c-stores have an extra imperative to ensure stores are laid out in a way that lets shoppers quickly find desired items. So it is not surprising other c-store retailers have also recently rolled out JDA category management technology to aid inventory management and store-level assortment planning.

For example, GPM Investments, which operates more than 1,200 company-operated convenience stores across the Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, Northeastern and Southeastern United States, is partnering with JDA Software to create planograms for specific store formats and brands. By analyzing customer needs, GPM can now customize planograms for each store and style of fixture.


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