The New Era of "Responsive Retail"


As the Internet of Things continues to drive the next era of retail, companies need to be ready to embrace these technologies as a means of meeting its digital shoppers’ evolving demands.

This webinar from Intel will delve into how its new platform will deliver business value through improved inventory accuracy, advanced human capital and a new level of engagement.




Taking Stock of Retail’s Analytics Capabilities


When it comes to using data and analytics to drive business results, where does the retail industry stand relative to other industries? And more importantly, where does your company stand against a retail industry index? 

In this webinar, International Institute for Analytics CEO Jack Phillips will reveal for the first time ever, IIA¹s retail industry analytics maturity index, and describe the characteristics of the highest-performers.


Holiday Uptime: Preparing Your Network for the Holiday Rush


Holiday Uptime

Your network connection is more than just a means of connecting your point of sale system – it’s a driving force of your online and in-store experiences. And when it’s not working, your revenues, customers and even your brand reputation suffer.
Join us for this educational webinar as we explore the ways you can prepare your network for the holiday rush.
We’ll discuss:
• Tips for developing a network outage plan
• How you can issue-proof your network
• Best practice for online and instore bandwidth monitoring
• Common network traps overlooked by retailers  

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Are You Ready for EMV – and What Follows?


If data breaches and shifts in fraud liability have got you rethinking payments security investments and architecture, don’t miss the webinar – “Are You Ready for EMV – and What Follows?” – hosted by Chain Store Age and sponsored by HP Security Voltage. You will learn how they can:
• Address EMV adoption plans most proactively;
• Mitigate current and potential security gaps in multichannel retailing; and,
• Neutralize the ability for attackers to monetize stolen data.
Panelists for the webinar include Greg Buzek, president of IHL Group and co-founder of the Retail Orphan Initiative, and Terence Spies, chief technologist of HP Security Voltage.


Seamless Customer Experience


To connect all the stores, distribution centers and warehouses with effective omnichannel capabilities, retail network professionals are struggling with increasing network complexity, meet PCI 3.0 compliance and increasing costs. Redmond Inc. faced the same set of challenges but by upgrading their Store WAN network with cloud-delivered capabilities, they grew by 800% in the last 10 years with a modern IT network that provides for a solid VOIP phone communication system, virtual desktops and smooth access to all retail applications.
In this webinar you will learn Redmond’s Retail network deployment to deliver superior in-store customer experience; meet the PCI 3.0 compliance mandates with advanced security in the stores; and reduce IT costs and improve customer satisfaction with a Central IT management.


Retailers Turn Big Data into Big Advantage


Sign up to learn how to capitalize in this new digital age of consumers demanding a better experience, a deluge of social and mobile data from always connected and aware consumers, and higher volumes of transactional data. Retailers that are able to manage this new variety and greater amounts of data with discovery, predictive and prescriptive analytics are converting behavioral insights into greater business performance.
Hear directly from industry customer science leader dunnhumby and retailer Dunkin’ Brands that have harnessed big data with fast, secure, and advanced analytical approaches for improved personalized experiences, promotional effectiveness, and customer loyalty.


The Roadmap to Practical Business Intelligence

This webcast will take BI from buzz word to “getting down to business”. We’ll provide a roadmap for executing a strategy of practical business intelligence – using tools you already own. You’ll also hear a live case study of how leading omnichannel retailer, Century Martial Arts, is leveraging BI to better monitor and engage with their customers.

Join us for this exciting webcast to learn how you can:

* Leverage your existing technology solution investments for practical business intelligence;
* Elevate your reporting to real intelligence – and actionable insight;
* Optimize Excel using tools you may not be familiar with such as Goal Seek, Solver, and Power View to gain real-time and scenario-based insight; and
* Hear a live BI case study from the largest retailer of martial arts equipment in the world, Century Martial Arts.

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Lessons Learned: What to Do NOW to Protect Stores Against Data Breaches

EMV is on the horizon in the U.S. but it’s no silver bullet. Meanwhile, the official release of PCI DSS v3.0 is here, delivering a fresh set of regulatory concerns for retailers. Clearly, traditional IT defenses are no longer working. But you can take control. Join us as we discuss key lessons learned from the recent breaches, and the latest developments in data security and retail fraud protection. In this webinar, you will learn:

* How memory-scraping malware can intercept card data from point-of-sale systems;
* How you can take advantage of technologies that remove the economic value of data to attackers;
* Why it’s no longer acceptable to strive for compliance over real-time security;
* How the new PCI 3.0 standard can actually introduce more flexibility to your business;
* What key steps you can take today to secure your networks in stores and online; and
* Which data security technologies can be readily applied, even to legacy retail ecosystems, so retail CFO's don’t have to be concerned with major store retrofit costs.

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Strategies for Preventing Moisture-Related Flooring Failures

Industry expert Lee Eliseian will share insights on the critical role concrete-slab moisture testing plays in preventing flooring failures. As president and CEO of IFTI (Independent Floor Testing & Inspection Inc.), Eliseian will also discuss the importance of independent third-party results in moisture testing. In this webinar, you will learn:

* The importance of concrete slab moisture testing in today’s retail spaces;
* The importance of valid, unbiased test results;
* How to avoid the financial impact and headache of failures;
* Enable faster, more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity; and
* The compelling ROI of scalable testing solutions.

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Put Down That iPad: Why Retailers Should Ditch Consumer Tablets and Go Mobile With Enterprise-Ready Devices

By incorporating Windows-based rugged mobile devices, retailers can:

* Avoid the operational difficulties of switching to a consumer platform;
* Ensure a secure environment for your data;
* Implement mobile solutions on day one, rather than in weeks or months;
* Enable faster, more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity;
* Save thousands and thousands of dollars in hardware and software;

This webinar will cover everything a retailer needs to know to when evaluating mobile solutions for assisted selling, inventory, merchandising, point of sale, and more.

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The Connected Experience – From Shopper to Store to Head Office

Technology is changing how retailers interact with their customers, employees and head office. The ability of devices, whether in-store sensors, mobile, kiosks, or digital signs to communicate with each other offers the potential to create an entirely new experience for shoppers, employees and retail executives while providing increasing insight and intelligence about the shopping experience.

Join us for an interactive webcast that will demonstrate how you can:

* Create an interactive and engaging in-store experience for your customers that can easily be customized by geographic location or other criteria.

* Capture data from in-store interactions with devices and leverage that information in real-time to improve your business.

* Arm your in-store employees with the technology to roam throughout the store and interact with customers all while being able to easily access systems like the POS and inventor.

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Delivering the Future of Retail Today – Microsoft Highlights from NRF 2014

In January, Microsoft participated in the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show to share how Microsoft technology and devices are helping retailers take advantage of this digital era. They showed attendees how they can help retailers get the right devices with the right information into the hands of employees to improve their customers’ experiences.

As we reflect back on the show, industry leading retailers are starting to do three things that are changing the face of retail. Each leverages connected devices, harnesses the power of an engaged workforce, and delivers on the promise of smart operations.

Join this free webinar presented by Microsoft and hosted by Chain Store Age to learn how Microsoft is empowering retailers and brands to thrive in today’s shopping environments by “Optimizing their operations for customer engagement, omni-basket and enterprise devices.”

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Omnichannel Store Labor: Bridging the Productivity Gap

Store associates are being asked to take on new roles as work shifts from sales and service to accommodate fulfillment, cross-channel returns, and advanced inventory management. In this webcast, you’ll learn more about:

* The processes, training, feedback, and measurable standards you need to operationalize new workflows across your store network.

* The labor management technology leading retailers are demanding to collect and report store activity cost and performance on a real time basis.

* The sales, margin and customer experience benefits of closed-loop management and reporting regarding the productivity of your store workforce.

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Improving Retail Decisions With Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Retailers are increasingly looking to more effectively manage customer insights and drive these insights to profitable merchandising processes. Harnessing the Big Data within their customer and transaction data volume continues to be a major challenge. Customer-centric decision making is an important differentiator for retailers. Retailers want to apply comprehensive Big Data and analytics to gain predictive insights. Taking these insights and driving effective assortment plans, pricing and promotions enables retailers to connect 1-1 with consumers and build loyalty. This webcast will cover the following topics:

* Turn Big Data into Big Business opportunities with predictive analytics.

* Leverage Big Data to understand customer behaviors.

* Learn how predictive analytics help you to do promotions, prices, product affinities and forecasting.

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Creating the Ultimate Retail Experience: Research Shows How to Increase Customer Loyalty

Retail executives are invited to this webinar to hear AchieveGlobal’s Director of Retail Effectiveness, K.C. Blonski analyze the results of this consumer study, giving retailers strategies on how to deliver a unique, brand-driven customer experience that will set them apart from the competition and drive long-term loyalty.

By attending this webinar, you will:

* Gain an understanding of online and in-store shopping opinions and behaviors and how they can impact the customer experience

* Learn five reasons customers remain loyal to a retailer, and what is considered most important about the service they provide

* See why consumers prefer to shop online vs. in-store (and vice versa) and how those factors should impact a multi-channel experience strategy

* Hear about three retailers that deployed shopping experience improvement initiatives, which resulted in: increased conversion rates, increased sales, higher employee engagement, and reduced turnover.

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Saving resources AND increasing my bottom line – 4 Steps to Make it Work!

Bob Valair, CEM, director, Energy & Environmental Management for Staples shares how he uses these four steps to save resources and deliver bottom-line savings, including their ongoing partnership with Energy Star. Multi-site retailers are constantly challenged to cut costs while maintaining corporate standards of quality, performance and comfort.

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Big Data – How Retailers Benefit from Q&I more than Q&A

Big Data is big. It’s the most important technology trend of the decade and is transforming the way retailers do business. Driven by technology at a lower price, massive data availability, new sources coming online and increasing power to mine data for new intelligence, companies who can apply big data analytics to their operations can gain a 5%-6% increase in productivity and profitability. Those that harness big data can move from simple questions and answers (Q&A) to New Questions with New Insights (Q&I).

In this webinar you will learn why you can’t afford to ignore this trend, including:

* Generate insight about each store location
* What’s driving Big Data growth and adoption
* How to correlate and overlay social, mobile and location data to gain valuable retail insight
* Why hyper-local personas are a must for improved assortment and demand planning
* Why today’s Big Data is the Normal Data of tomorrow

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Customizing the in-store experience by lifestyle segment

The retail environment is the last opportunity to persuade shoppers of a brand’s superiority. Leading electronics manufacturers make sure this opportunity isn’t left to chance. By gaining understanding of lifestyle down to the store level, they successfully influence preference before, at, and after the moment of sale. MarketStar, a global company that develops multichannel strategies to help international brands grow market share, is the pivotal resource helping them do it.

In this webinar, Amy Wilde, Geo-Targeting Manager with MarketStar, will discuss how they use store-level geotargeting and lifestyle segmentation to:

* Generate insight about each store location
* Train brand advocates of sales associates
* Engage the shopper
* Build loyalty

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Keeping up with the Consumer: 2012 Black Friday Recap

In this webinar, we examine email marketing trends for Black Friday 2012 and learn how marketers used email to promote store shopping and events during the holiday weekend. Since Black Friday is no longer a one-day event, we learn more about how online and in-store sales were launched and what you will need to do early in the 2013 holiday season to ensure success during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

The webinar covers:

* Hour-by-hour email volume trends;
* Promotional Trends Year-over-year analysis;
* Mobile and Social's influence;
* ... and more.

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